Slovenia has full authority to fiscal consolidation

Ljubljana-within one year of the Government led by Janez Janša has been sacrificed in the name of fiscal objectives of economic and social picture of the Member States, the Executive Secretary of the Federation of free trade unions of Slovenia (ZSSS) Goran Lukič.

goranLukič estimates that he has apparently in Slovenia‘s full authority to fiscal consolidation, on whose behalf the sacrifice economic and social fabric of States ‘. Points out that in a document by the Government last week released about his work, one year is not part of the display of the real economic and social effects of its policies. But the data after Lukičevih’s certainly not worthy of praise words ‘.
Highlights, inter alia, information on the contraction of GDP, to reduce the current value of foreign direct investment and a rise in inflation. Inter alia information on the increase in the average daily amount of outstanding obligation business entities and on the reduction of revenue in the budget under the tax on income of legal persons.

‘ The value of economic indicators are reflected in the indicators of the labour market ‘

Said the value of the economic indicators are reflected in the indicators of the labour market. the number of registered unemployed, according to the Institute for employment between February and January 2012 2013 increased from 115.036 to 124.258 persons, the number of employees according to the Statistical Office between February and November of 2012 decreased from 720.262 to 711.609 so for almost 9000, citing Lukič.

It recalls that, according to the Autumn forecast of economic trends for the year 2013, provides for some of the more than ten-thousand more registered unemployed than in 2012. The budget 2013 despite bringing cash benefits for the unemployed to 62.3 million euros less resources compared to carry out budget 2011. Resources for family benefits and parental benefits have decreased in the same comparison to 90.3 million euros.

At the end of the current protests. yet Lukič touches As noted, ‘ the Government define a crowd of protesters, among other things, on all of these social hardship, as ‘ zombies ‘ or as part of the ‘left fascism ‘, in a very sad way to tell the whole truth of the third article of the Constitution of the REPUBLIC of SLOVENIA, which would have authority to the people ‘. Apparently it is, adding that he has full authority in Slovenia’s fiscal consolidation, on whose behalf the sacrifice economic and social fabric of the country. ‘

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Negotiations between the Government and the trade unions of the public sector without progress

Today, more than two hour talks between government representatives and trade unions of the public sector, what progress there has been. On the Trade Union side, still expect the amendment of the Act on the implementation of the budget. The Government has not listened to them, trade unions are starting to talk about it with the parliamentary groups.

On the Trade Union side still expect ‘ that the Government found enough strength to go in with a proposal for the amendment of the Act on the implementation of the budget, ‘he explained after the meeting, the head of the Coordination Committee of trade unions of public sector John Put it.


Ljubljana – Zveza svobodnih sindikatov Slovenije

In his words, due to the amendments to the law on the implementation of the budget will not change the budget frames, ‘ macroeconomic situation or the fiscal situation will remain exactly the same. ‘ And then, in the next step, he added, you can start to put the talk also about the measures. It must, however, in his words, the Government’s proposed measures that it needs, evaluate them. ‘ The trade unions must determine whether they are feasible or not.

In trade unions so require, it is summed up that the Government return to a position that is in the context of what has been agreed with the trade unions. Then, as he was always so far, agree on the measures, which will allow all of what this country needs. Set the recurrence of what they wrote in one the requirements that the Government, when it adopts the budget of the existing laws that violated the agreements and collective agreements law.

However, his words have already started to talk about that with parliamentary groups, ‘ which may be somewhat accelerate the reflection ‘. From autumn until now we believed that the Government is competent, that the Government has the powers that the Government has a majority. At the moment, for some of these parameters we know for sure that this is no longer so, and that’s why we want to talk to decision makers and to bring our vision, our reflection and thus allow room for negotiation and solution, ‘ he explained to Sit.

Expectations leaders of the Government negotiating team, Minister of education of the Turk, the Stamps upon arrival is different. Today’s expected proposals of trade unions where they see the opportunities for savings in the public sector. Upon departure, however, noted that these proposals from the Trade Union side not to come.

It is reiterated that in the case in order to see the perspective of a long-term solution or long-term rationalisation, went to the Government, even after the term of Office for talks on the amendment of the Act on the implementation of the budget.

After the Union education, education, science and culture (Sviz) on the basis of the Government‘s material reduction in weight will be calculated that wages in the public sector actually 7.75 percent and not 5%, as claimed by the Government, this was also one of the issues they talked about today.

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First saving and then privatization and development

The Governor of the Bank of Slovenia shall advise the Bratuškovi: first saving and fiscal consolidation, privatization, the development of the model then, and then the introduction of competition in the markets.

markoKranjec was convinced that Slovenia is not in a position where I should ask for international help. For the problems of the banking sector‘s expansive credit policy in the years from 2004 to 2008, but they are manageable, said in today’s interview, THEY expected the new Government, in particular, of the consolidation of public finances and privatization.

He pointed out also that the English case is not comparable to the Cyprus and reiterated that deposits are secure in Slovenia. ‘I can Categorically say that Slovenia is not in a position to ask for help should be,’ he added.

” We’re just fixing it ‘

On the question of whether the Bank of Slovenia under Kranjcem because of the situation, the Governor of the Bank said that these are the statements that have no basis in fact. ‘Banks are in the EU, after entering a lot of zadolževale and kreditirale, with the onset of the crisis, many loans became problematic. I’m just fixing it ever since, ‘he said.

‘ Bad Bank, we have never opposed the a priori ‘

The biggest challenge to the new Government and by priority will be restoration of the situation in the banking system. Kranjec was in this context that was present in the deliberations of the Bank of Slovenia with regard to the bad Bank, ‘which is never a priori opposed.’ Explains that a bad Bank in 2008 and 2009 was not necessary. ‘I don’t know of any State that would in this way if the banking system serviced by a low level of non-performing loans. But since the economic crisis struck back at the Bank, this project is needed. ‘

First of all, saving, fiscal consolidation, which is considered by the Governor to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the impact on economic activity. ‘Another priority in my personal opinion would be the privatisation of companies which are State-owned enterprises, including banks. The third priority would be to determine the development of the model by setting up a specific programme to support good companies. And the last priority is the introduction of competition on the markets, ‘advises Bratuškovi to the Government.

‘We did not have appropriate tools for even greater control over the banking supervisors. Is known to have been in the past, as untouchables by representatives of the owner. With the amendments to the law on banking, but we managed to achieve that expressed my opinion and place a request for a replacement before the general meeting, if I am to have qualified, ‘the supervisors in an interview THEY say that expiry Kranjec’s term at the helm of the Central Bank. Says it will regardless of the criticism went away happy.

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We have to be aware of rehabilitation of the banking system problems

Review of the status of banks is going well, with the goal to minimize burden on taxpayers and to protect savers, indications of pressure as regards the aid are a mere figment of the imagination ‘ lush ‘, is the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia emphasized the Vilnius P Badger.
Badger: we cannot focus only on the banking sector on the issue of whether Slovenia managed to get funding in the markets, or will have to apply for financial aid, the words we cannot just concentrate Badger bollocks on the banking sector-equally important is the consolidation of public finances and political stability. ” Each of these three points is of equal importance in how we’re going to foreign markets was and whether we can make it a credible and trusted policy to persuade foreign investors that we are as good a debtor who defaulted on their obligations, ‘stressed the Governor.

Point out that you still agree on manner, which will cost taxpayers at least on the question of whether it will be necessary to wait for the results of the first tests for the transfers of all banks being reviewed, or it will be possible in the case of a new Bank of Ljubljana (NLB) the transfer must be carried out before, the Governor responded that it is possible to transfer to the NLB device before. It is pointed out that the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission has yet to agree on the mode, which will be a minimum cost of taxpayers.

‘ we have to be aware that the rehabilitation of the banking system there is. .. At the Ministry of finance, the Government and the Bank of Slovenia, we try to find a way, which would be the least harmful and which all of us taxpayers at least cost, ‘ stressed the Badger.

Reminded that the decision was taken well tapped

It is reminded that the decision has been tapped and Probanke Factor of the Bank adopted good, and pointed out that responded on the least painful way, which means the minimum cost for fiscal cash register, and with a view, in particular, the protection of savers ‘. ” Our purpose is not to rescue banks, but the protection of savers. So we decided for a way that allows it to be repaid all savers and that don’t further hurt the economy, waiting for incentives and measures, prepared by the Government with a view to providing greater credibility on the international debt markets, ‘he said.

Everything is going the way it should be

Problems in cooperation with the ECB, so in his words did not. ” Everything is going the way it should be. We’re constantly looking for solutions that will be good both for the euro area as a whole, ‘he said.

On the question of whether the agreement on valuation of non-performing receivables and he replied that even talking about what the numbers will be intolerant of bad claims on the bad Bank. ” Because you know that the economy quite soft science, these numbers are always thing to do the deal. It’s not that we’re trying to find the best solutions, since to taxpayers, ‘he said.

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